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Limited Edition

Running Wild

The story of Melbourne graffiti train writer Puzle

Authored by Puzle Press
Limited to 250 Copies Internationally
Hard Cover – Black Linen & Black Foil
305mm x 245mm
200 Pages – Full Colour Gloss
Over 230 Old-School Images
Part proceeds donated to YSAS Youth Support

$150 (AUD)

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The new Puzle book is an epic journey that shares the passion, commitment and endless danger to be a train writer back then. It showcases the endless pursuit to conquer it all with originality, style, innovation and motivation, guts and determination – burner after burner, these panels burnt most walls, yet no Puzle walls are featured in this book. He not only influenced his home city but the entire nation with quality and quantity. The panels may be buffed but they cannot buff the minds of those that witnessed such a pivotal era, or the the images featured in this book. The legacy of Puzle will remain forever.


To chop and screw a great quote, simply put; ‘Melbourne graff without Puzle is like the NBA without Jordan’. In an era when battle lines against the system dripped in wet raven oil and the Met firing back hard, Puzle managed to maintain the status quo of full fledged, multi-coloured technical burners rolling into Jolimont on the regular. For us kids scattered in locations that didn’t allow the morning ritual Richmond hangs, each edition of Hype Mag came with and incredible anticipation of more Puzle cars to marvel over. His style became THE Melbourne blueprint by 91 and kids across the city, state and eventual country all took something from him. It was clearly evident, from letter forms and fill patterns to straight jackin’, he truly birthed an era. The undisputed Train King’s new hard cover jams 100 of his greatest get-overs into one beautiful book and is an absolute must have for first hand insights, accounts and knowledge accompanying the insane shots of all out classics.


Brrrr… the burners rollin and my fingers and eyes are melting. Another book which I bought without any prior knowledge of the the content and which completely overwhelmed me. This Australian publication is about the early days writer ‘Puzle’. I know very little about the Australian graffiti scene, apart from the hordes of Aussies that periodically invade Europe and steal and shred everything that isn’t under a sensor. From now on this book is one of my favourite publications of all time. It contains everything that I think is worth collecting. An insight into the early history of Melbourne train graffiti with lots of information about the situations, layups, trains, the scene and it’s protagonists – excitingly written stories and simply a very high quantity of panels. I am still hyped. 10 out of 10.


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